Follow these tips and your pooch just may become a photographer’s best friend.

• Use a higher shutter speed and higher ISO when photographing a black dog indoors. Consider using an additional light source or a fill-flash to enhance the details in the dog’s face.

• Front steps provide a clean, textured background for your portrait.

• Placing small dogs up on a bench provides you greater control over your subject and allows you to be eye-level with the dog. The bench also provides a textured background for your pictures.

• To get the classic dog-head tilt, play a musical instrument such as a harmonica, or make a high-pitched sound.

• Profiles make dogs look more serious, so you should determine whether that keeps with your subject’s personality.

Adapted from PhoDOGraphy: How to Get Great Pictures of Your Dog by Kim Levin. (amphoto books,2008;$18)