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It’s always worth it to search newspaper websites for picture galleries—you always find amazing pictures and news. The images here come from the Telegraph in the U.K.

Here’s a political shot I’ve never seen before. It shows Barack Obama speaking at a rally in Indianapolis. The crowd is reflected in the teleprompters. REUTERS.
I’ve never seen anything like this either, and I grew up on a farm. This photo shows dead cows along a fence in Valdez Chico, Uruguay. Vets think the cows were grazing next to the fence when lightning struck it. REUTERS.
Now we’ve got to have a upbeat animal photo. Here’s a giant panda cub at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Yaan, China. Yep, that is cute. GETTY IMAGES.
Finally, some beautiful faces…girls from the Bajur tribal region at a school supported by UNICEF at a camp near Peshawar, Pakistan. AP.–David Schonauer