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At Photo Plus expo this week, Redrock Micro showed a modular rig made to make it easier to create professional-style video with one of the few, but increasing, number of DSLRs up to the task.

The system is built around a base with rails on it and has a handle on top to make the rig easier to hand hold. A ring attaches to your lens’s focusing ring to provide a lever for smoother focusing during moving shots. A mattebox can be positioned in front of the lens and can accept various filters or other light modification accessories. It can also swing out of the way in case you want to change lenses or eliminate whatever effects you’ve loaded into it.

Though it’s pictured here with a Nikon D90 mounted, Vincent Laforet used a Redrock rig when creating his promotional videos for Canon’s EOS 5D MkII. Since the system is modular, pricing varies widely. The base platform alone costs about $300, while the monitor shown costs about $700. The entire rig pictured would cost about $1,500.
—Phil Ryan
Technical Editor