To: POP Editor
Subject: Eye Contact Editorial

It was with great deal of emotion that I’ve read the “Eye Contact” editorial about Neal Matthews (August 2008). As an amateur photographer that let photography slip through the cracks with the excuse of too much work and lack of time I could only felt guilty of doing so because as you read the editorial you do feel how difficult is to lose what we easily take for granted until something bad strikes.

Neal Matthews’s devotion to his art and his fight against his conditions had a profound impact on me. Last weekend I dusted off my gear and went back to take pictures and boy, oh boy, how I enjoyed it! I did also read his article “The Photographer’s Guide to the Eye” and each word more than just a fantastic technical information passed me the passion, the dedication and the strong will of someone who really love what he does. Thanks Mr. Matthews, for showing me how important is to do what you love and show me the way back to taking pictures.

Thanks and congratulations Mr. Neal for your fantastic article and great life lessons. I hope the serum helps in healing your eyes so that you can gift us with many articles like this one. Thanks Mr. Owens and PopPhoto for bringing both to us.

Luiz Paulo
Miami, FL