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Nik’s Sharpener Pro 3.0 is designed to give you more control over sharpening your photos during post processing. Sharpener Pro 3.0 works as a plug in for Adobe Photoshop, Apple Aperture and other Photoshop compatible applications. In Photoshop, Sharpener Pro 3.0 will show up in your filters menu as a plug in and in Apple Aperture you access it through the Images menu. A new window appears with most of the controls on the right side of the screen. You have to scroll down to access all of the options.

You can set up to ten presets. Sharpener Pro 3.0 has both a RAW sharpener and an Output sharpener so you have more control over your sharpening. One of Sharpener Pro 3.0’s strengths is being able to specify your output method. If the method you use does not show up you can add it. You can use the creative sharpening menu determining the sharpening for the whole image or use the U Point technology control points to select a section of the photo you would like to sharpen.

Your sharpening can also be based on various color ranges you select. All three of the sharpening approaches are based on what the program refers to as Structure (s), Local Contrast (lc) and Focus(f). Structure controls and enhances along fine lines, edges and texture. Local Contrast controls the contrast on the fine lines and edges. Focus applies to areas that are out of focus and either increases or decreases the focus in those areas depending on how you set it. When working on your photos the main screen allows three views, fit to screen, 100% or 300%. The smaller window works as a loupe.

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