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The news that Digital Railroad has shut down its servers is sad if not unexpected. It was clear the business was in trouble when the Diablo Management Group took control and chief executive Charles Mauzy departed with other employees. Nonetheless, I was shocked to hear that a notice had been posted on the DRR site today saying that it was shutting down. That left a lot of photographers around the world in the lurch. Apparently competitor PhotoShelter is offering a special rate for former DRR subscribers. I am a friend of DRR founder Evan Nisselson, and he sent me a note this morning, which I share here:

The history of the Internet is filled with the names of products and companies that are no longer with us. The fact that new VC funding wasn’t available now isn’t surprising either, given the state of the economy and tight credit markets. Does anyone have thoughts about what went wrong here?–David Schonauer