Where to Go and What to See

~Miki Johnson

One of my first photography exhibitions in New York was an Abelardo Morell opening at Bonni Benrubi a few years ago. I remember being amazed, and not only by the ingenious camera obscura photos of apartments' views reflected upside down on their own walls. Bonni Benrubi is a small uptown space and it was absolutely crammed with admirers. Hot and fidgety and loud, the crowd left little room to view the images...which was just fine since no one was even trying. I've since learned that this experience was exemplary of openings: both the breathtaking work and the widespread understanding that the opening is no time to actually appreciate it. Now I enjoy the openings for the people and return on a week day to enjoy the images.

I bring this up because this will be my last Where to Go and What to See for American Photo and Abelardo Morell once again has an opening at Bonni Benrubi, on Thursday. It feels very full-circle to me. Anyway, _AP'_s new associate editor, Lindsay Sakraida, will be posting WtGaWtS starting next week, so you won't miss a show. As for me, details to come, but you haven't heard the last from me either.

~Miki Johnson

(Photo: Grand Canal Looking West Toward the Accademia Bridge in Palazzo Room Under Construction, 2007, © Abelardo Morell)

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