Photography Hall of Shame New Inductee

—Kathleen DavisAssistant Editor

Today we welcome 3M, the company that makes Post-it notes, into our ever-growing Photography Hall of Shame. Back in December of 2006, a group of employees at an Internet company covered a co-worker's jaguar in post-it notes. One of them documented the office prank with his digital camera and posted the photos on Flickr.

The photo set became an Internet sensation, and was picked up by various sites and even featured on ABC News. Then, this spring 3M contacted the photographer and asked to use his photos for a marketing campaign. When they couldn't agree on a price, 3M said they would just copy his idea and have their own photographer shoot the photos. Is what they did legal? Technically. Was it fair? If you saw your images copied without credit, you probably wouldn't think so. The full story is here.

—Kathleen Davis
Assistant Editor