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** Perpignan: The Conclusion**
We were all waiting for the twentieth anniversary. All the questions were asked. Jean-Francois Leroy is a character who is ambiguous, cyclothymic, generous, egomaniac, and passionate to the limit of being arrogant, but with a true and deep passion for photojournalism. He has often, for the past 20 years, exasperated a large part of the photographic world. But let’s face the facts: The man is great and this festival was an exceptional success. Never has there been such a high quality in the exhibitions, and the projection on the evening anniversary was a master piece of emotions, of truth, and of passion. Getty, Canon, and the city of Perpignan have signed on again for 3 to 5 more years. The festival will continue. Will there be changes to the future of photojournalism? No one knows. But Visa pour l’Image will stay a heaven on earth, for a week every year, dedicated to photography’s essential virtue: photojournalism. (Image above from Casey Kelbaugh’s blog of the week: David Griffin toasts Jean-Francois at the National Geographic party…notice the shirt that says, “What happens in Perpignan…stays in Vegas.”)