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Regular readers of Perez Hilton will know that the celebrity-gossip blogger was recently photographed by the team of Markus Klinko and Indrani. This is significant for several reasons. I can’t think of a better visual team to render the “Queen of all Media.” Klinko and Idrani (he shoots, she works as creative director and post-production genius) have a taste for the lured and funny, and their work is essentially subversive in the best of ways. Just like Perez! (In the photo above, Klinko is in the brown tee-shirt, and Indrani is at right.) By the way, American Photo just happened to feature the the duo. Go here to see how they work. Klinko and Indrani are working on a big exhibition of celebrity portraits that will be shown at Art Basil Miami from December 4-7–and several other projects as well. They’re starting to hit it big.–David Schonauer