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The new ad campaign for the third season of “Dexter” is nothing less than brilliant. In case you haven’t seen it, the campaign consists of faux magazine covers featuring America’s most beloved serial killer. Publications like Esquire, GO, and Wired have all been part of the parody. (See below.) Each cover features a picture of star Michael C. Hall, with exquisite cover lines. (“In Cool Blood.”)
Sadly, our favorite magazine, American Photo, was not part of the campaign. So we took a few minutes this afternoon to mock up our own version. What do you think? Please write in with any suggestions for cover lines of your own. We’re hoping the creators of the campaign, the Red Group (an in-house creative unit at Showtime, the network that airs “Dexter”) will take note. By the way, we used an image made by Jill Greenberg for the season two Dexter campaign.)
There really is an interesting media angle to this story, covered in an article in today’s New York Times. In an age of TV and Internet glamour, the intense and identifiable graphic artistry of magazines is capable to getting attention.–David Schonauer