Lexar’s new UDMA card is big and fast. Just like we like them.

I’ve got a secret to share: for the past month, my CF card of choice has been an early production sample of Lexar’s new Professional UDMA 300x 16BG CompactFlash card. It’s so hot off the press that it was shipped to me before the labels were finished being printed! Instead of the usual Lexar branding you’ll see on the shelves, my version of this card is bare metal with a Brother P-Touch Label stating simply Lexar 16GB 300x. Labels schmabels—so long as it works!

And indeed it works. After a dry run to ensure read-write-rewrite functions (fire off a few frames, dump to computer via Lexar FW800 UDMA card reader, trash DCIM folder, repeat), I threw this little chunk of big, fast solid-state memory into any and every CF-based camera I happened to be using, including 2 UDMA-speed cameras, the Nikon D3 and Olympus E-3 and fired away.

I’ve shot RAW+JPEG HDR bursts with the Nikon D3, the US Open with the Olympus E-3, and my vacation to Bermuda with the Canon 1D Mark III with no field failures and no transferred data corruptions to report. It’s big—it’ll hold hundreds of RAW files from just about every DSLR, and it’s UDMA-fast, so it’ll never be the bottleneck with any of today’s cameras. And if you’ve got a Firewire 800 port on your computer, you should be able to dump the full 16GBs of digital images to your desktop in just under eight minutes.

Big, fast, and worry-free—that’s how we like our memory. So we can forget about it and concentrate on making photos.

The new Lexar 16GB card will be available later this month. We're waiting for pricing info and will update ASAP.