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To: POP Editor
Subject: Bargains and trash

I just received your September issue. Two articles immediately caught my attention. The bargains of 2008 left out the very best. The price of the full frame Canon 5D has dropped significantly. I bought mine in February 2008 at Samy’s Camera in Pasadena, Ca. Samy’s had one of their No Sales Tax deals. They gave me an instant $200.00 cash rebate. This marvel of image quality ending up costing me $2000.00.

The other article “Ugly Made Beautiful” also caught my eye. I was enthralled by Chris Jordan. I am a 62-year-old attorney and have dreamed of being the next Ansel Adams since I was about 10 years old when my Father gave me a rangefinder Ricoh with a fixed lens (I believe it was about a 45 mm f2.8). At that time he had bought himself a Topcon SLR. We had a darkroom in our basement. My fondest memories were the hours we spent in that darkroom.

I wanted to be a photographer when I joined the Navy but a Lieutenant talked me out of it. He convinced me that I would be running around with a bunch of Marines getting shot at in the jungles of Vietnam. Ironically, I ended up in Vietnam anyway as a clerk, but it gave me the opportunity of buying my first SLR, a Mamaiya Sekor 500 TL. Who knows, I might have had a different career if I had not listened to that Lieutenant.

Some of my favorite subjects are trash and latrines. Attached are several images taken with the 5D and a Sigma 15-30mm lens.

—Lawrence Mendelsohn