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October will soon be upon us, but there will be no post-season baseball in Yankee Stadium this year–the Bronx Bombers will not be in the post season. Adding poignancy to this mind-boggling state of affairs, of course, is the fact the Stadium itself will be gone after the season ends–torn down and replaced by a smaller facsimile ball park. To mark the end of what is called baseball’s cathedral, Sports Illustrated has searched through its vast archive of images and put together a portfolio of great Stadium pictures. Enjoy, and have a Baby Ruth bar while you look at it. Speaking of the Bambino, there is one picture missing from the SI feature–the photo I consider to be the greatest Stadium photo of all. (Plenty of people consider it the best sports picture of all time.) I speak of Nat Fein’s shot of the Babe saying farewell to his fans on June 13, 1948 , which also happened to be the silver anniversary of the house he built (above). Only one moment in the Stadium’s history could rival it: