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Have you noticed that throughout 2008 the news media (old and new alike) have been dishing up a veritable freak show for our enjoyment? Every day seems to bring news of eerie monsters washed up on beaches, pregnant men, blood-sucking beasts, and of course the best of all, Bigfoot. I thought we were over all that Y2K millennium end-times stuff after terrorists gave us something real to worry about in 2001. But, hey, they made a new “X-Files” movie, so things may not be as serene in the universe as I thought.
None of these stories would be interesting at all if they didn’t include pictures for us to wonder at. The photos, it goes without saying, are satisfyingly gruesome, all fur and fangs and mortal decay. Once, you had to swallow your pride and buy “News of the World” to see images like this. That grimy tabloid is now gone, but the Internet, CNN, and FOX have stepped up to the plate with offerings like the following: