To: POP Editor
Subject: Photography as a healing art

Dear Editors:

As I was finishing a draft of this letter, I happened to read the editorial on Neal Matthew’s “accident” that might have saved his sight (August, 2008). So consider this letter a note of encouragement for your already existing efforts.

Recently I read the book: “God is at Eye Level: Photography as a Healing Art” by Jan Phillips. Ms. Phillips indicates that the world, and our culture in particular, is in big trouble. She then makes a case that we image makers can be of help here. Specifically, we can use the healing power of photography to contribute positive images and stories to the “global family album.” Indeed, photography has been quite therapeutic in my struggle with advanced metastatic prostate cancer. It would not surprise me to learn that many of your readers have likewise been touched by or have actually used the healing power of photography.

Thus, it is my suggestion that Popular Photography specifically address the healing power of ohotography with stories and images. Such an effort could include stories such as Neal Matthew’s “accident” or how image making itself has been lifegiving and healing for someone. I’m suggesting a deliberate effort, such as an article or series of articles or even an annual issue.

There are so many images today that illustrate what’s wrong in the world. Perhaps it’s time to do our little part to illustrate what’s good and positive and to encourage each other to contribute to the healing of our world.

Bob Martin