To: POP Editor
Subject: Camera comparisons


In your recent camera comparisons (August 2008) you group the Canon Rebel Xsi with the Nikon D60.

I realize you look for entry level comparisons but in no way is this Canon comparable to the D60. The Nikon D60 (and its siblings D40 and D40x are capable cameras but are toys compared to the entry level Canons.

The best Nikon to rival the new Xsi (and the former Xti) is the D80.

Nikon finally realized that the CMOS sensor is superior and includes it in their high end cameras, whereas Canon has it in the Rebel along with a host of features that make it a good back-up to the pro camera. No one would ever consider the D60 as a backup to a pro Nikon but would consider a D80.

Warren Rose
Martinez, CA