From: Ed Toews
Subject: Your Response to Gordon Padwick in the July 2008 Issue

In your response to Mr. Padwick (Driver Dilemma, July 2008), you provided three options but missed two that may be more palatable. A fourth option is available if his new computer came with Vista Pro. OEM versions of Vista Pro ship with a downgrade option that allows the end user to switch the computer back to XP. The fifth option is an improvement on the first one you list. Rather than partitioning the drive and rebooting to print, Mr. Padwick can download Virtual PC from Microsoft (free at this time) and load XP on a virtual machine. He can then run both operating systems at the same time, using the XP virtual machine for printing without having to reboot. If Microsoft decides to charge for Virtual PC, there are other vendors of reasonably priced, similar software.

Thanks for a great mag,
Ed Toews, P. Eng
Portland, OR