Where To Go and What To See

~Miki Johnson

It is usually about this point in the summer that "Hot town, summer in the city..." starts running incessantly through my head and I seriously question my die-hard anti-airconditioning stance. Seems like the NYC galleries have a little summer fever too. Point of View is putting up its Summer Group Show and Jenkins Johnson its Celebrate Summer show, both on Thursday. SCOPE art fair has maybe the best idea, to head for the shore for SCOPE Hamptons.

If I weren't stuck in the city, though, I think I'd prefer the approach Sundaram Tagore in Beverly Hills has taken. Why celebrate this oppressive season when you can look at Subhankar Banerjee's giant, beautiful pictures of frozen plains and imagine you are there instead.

~Miki Johnson

(Photo: © Matt Hoyle, courtesy Point of View Gallery)

Follow the link below for details about these and many more photography events around the country.