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Part Flickr, Part Expedia, Part Fodor’s. PlanetEye will revolutionize the way you plan your next great travel adventure.
The recently launched Web site, PlanetEye.com is “an online travel planning service for travelers looking to quickly and easily research, book and share their trips.”

The buzz about PlanetEye among photographers and travel photo enthusiasts has been about the site’s most unique feature: “geotagged” photographs. PlanetEye users can upload their travel photos and tag their location. This helps the trip planning process because other users can then add photographs of their destination of interest, or a photograph they came across that looks like an interesting place they may want to visit to their Travel Pack.

What’s a Travel Pack? Basically, a Travel Pack is a digital file folder that organizes each trip. The Travel Pack allows you to add hotels, attractions, restaurants, and most importantly photographs so you can plan your trip around where you want to photograph.
Right now, there are over 70,000 geotagged photographs in the PlanetEye database, but like Flickr, PlanetEye users can upload and geotag their own travel photographs, so that number will grow everyday.

If you’ve got some great travel photos that you’ve been dying to share, upload them to PlanetEye. If you’d like to shoot a particular destination, contact PlanetEye at info@planeteye.com and let them know. PlanetEye will put your work in the spotlight for all members to enjoy.
—Kaitlin Tambuscio
Editorial Intern