Anywhere you travel is sure to provide some exquisite houses of worship for you to photograph. Not only are they culturally significant, but they are unique and intricate subjects. Here are some tips to follow next time you find yourself photographing these subjects:
1. Get it all in:** When photographing these buildings from the outside, it can be difficult to fit the entire object into your frame. Be sure to carry a wide-angle lens with you. Still, it may be easier to move back and use a normal lens. Don’t be afraid to capture other buildings or people in the frame, it will add interest to your shot since you may be able to find some contrasting structures.

2. Get rid of the Flash: A flash will be useless in large areas. Also, many famous houses of worship do not allow flash photography inside, so it’s in your best interest to leave you flash at home. To compensate, use a faster film when photographing the interior, and if you have a portable tripod, definitely use it.
3.Try Different Vantage Points:** Just as you would move around outside when photographing the exterior, try a bunch of different vantage points when photographing the interior. Get low and use a wide-angle lens to exaggerate height. If there’s a balcony you have access you, climb of there to get an aerial view, especially if there are stained class windows involved.
4. Remember your Manners.** You are at a house of worship, so be courteous and inquire about whether or not photography is allowed inside. Also, do not photography anyone worshipping, that way you can avoid being offensive.

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