Every city has its own unique personality, and there’s no better way to capture the essence of a city than through the lens. Surprises await your camera on every block. And with any city, there are so many different facets that collectively, create an outstanding series of photographs.

All cities are diverse, in population and appearance. Certain cities have beautiful buildings on one block, home to the wealthy, and a turn of the corner brings something completely different.

In order to effectively create a portrait of a city, your photographs must bring light to this contrast. Shoot people shopping, out to eat, on their way to work. Take photos of the most beautiful scenes you can find, and the most depressing. The end result is a collection of pictures that look like they were taken in two completely different cities.
If you explore meticulously, you’ll be able to find this contrast in virtually every city you visit.
—Kaitlin Tambuscio
Editorial Intern