1.Plan, Plan, Plan: Before you go, visit the National Park’s Web site to get all the basic information about the park. When you arrive at your destination, seek at a Park Ranger, they are an incredible resource and definitely know where the best photo ops await you. Ask season specific questions like, “what kind of wildlife will I be able to find and where?” or “what landscapes look the best this time of year?” Usually, they will be more than happy to help you on your quest for terrific photos.

2. Do most of your shooting early… or late: Take advantage of the “golden hour,” hit the trails just before the sun rises, and just before it sets at night. The lighting during these times will be just what you need to take your landscapes and wildlife photographs to the next level.

3. Be creative: Every national park has a certain sight, vista, or animal that they are known for. The real challenge to photographing brilliant landscapes is finding ways to make them your own. Think outside the box, and don’t limit yourself to just the major areas of the park. Get close ups or unusual angles of the major subjects, like Old Faithful. And remember, journeying down the trail less traveled will always produce a less overdone or clichéd photograph.
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