To: POP Editor
Subject: Alaska pictures

I read and saw your article “How To Capture the Wonders of Southeast Alaska” by Miriam Leuchter. My wife and I just returned from Alaska, the inside passage the middle of May of this year.

We took two Canon 20D cameras, a Canon 630 (for snapshots) and a Fuji Stylus 850 SW waterproof camera for extreme conditions in addition to several lenses. We knew the weather was wet so we purchased rainproof jackets from sportsman wearhouse. The reason we liked these jackets was because they were summer/winter jackets and were long and they had lots and lots of pockets and completely waterproof. It even had vents for the summer time that you could open.

What we didn’t plan on and what no one told us is that not only does it rain a lot it rains a whole lot! We took a 7-day cruse through the inside passage and it rained every single day. We might have a few hours break in the rain or a half day but often would have a great deal of fog. Fortunately we had some breaks during some of the good photo opportunities. One day was such a driving rain the weather covers for our cameras were not helping so we had to put them in our cases. The cases were semi-waterproof and had a jacket that could go over it. Even at that the inside got quite damp, possibly some was due to condensation. If we had it to do over we probably would have brought the water proof housing for the Canon 630 rated for 150 feet under water but it was so bulky we opted not to bring it thinking we could live without it. The quality of the Canon 630 is as close to a DSLR as I’ve seen in a small camera and better quality than the Fuji. We would also have taken our completely 100% waterproof cases, they even float!

We plan on going back next year! Our pictures can be seen at

—Gary Cox