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According to Media Matters, Fox News is getting even with its perceived enemies by altering their pictures to make them look rather monstrous, then airing the results.
The website says the images were shown on Fox & Friends. The program’s host, Steve Doocy, was commenting on a recent article in the New York Times that said Fox News’s ratings were showing an “ominous” decline. Doocy called the story’s writer, Jacques Steinberg, an “attack dog.” Also singled out was Times editor Steven Reddicliffe.
During the commentary, the news channel showed photos of both men. The pictures (that’s Steinberg above and Reddicliffe below) seem to have been altered from the original shots. Teeth were yellowed, noses made bigger, hairlines pushed back, dark circles added under the eyes—and not with a great deal of Photoshop craft, it seems to me.
Don’t they have someone at Fox who could have done this with a little more skill?
I happen to know Reddicliffe—he lives in the suburb I do, and I see him on my commuter train all the time. In real life, he doesn’t look like an opium eater at all. He’s a very nice guy.
If you’ve seen Fox & Friends you know that Doocy is just a tool. The best-case scenario here is that Fox thought this was a clever joke. Clever? I don’t think so. The only joke here is Fox News itself, the media home of Karl Rove. News organizations have no business messing with pictures.—David Schonauer