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Rick Smolan, the photographer and book packager behind the “Day in the Life of” series, has one of the great photo stories of all time to tell. I use the word “tell,” because the story is best heard and not just seen. And now you can hear him tell.
The story is about an assignment Rick had many years ago, when he was a 28-year-old photojournalist working for Time magazine. The assignment led him to take a picture of a young South Korean girl, who in turn became the center of an adoption saga. Rick told the tale a couple of years ago at the annual TED conference. (That’s where scientists, inventors, artists, and other thinkers get together to share insights with each other.) The TED website recently posted Rick’s presentation on its website.
I promise that once you start listening to this story, you won’t be able to stop. More to the point, there are some wonderful insights about photographers and their particular personalities, and about the art of storytelling and the way that stories can become something real–and, in this case at least, have happy endings.–David Schonauer