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Backing up your files is really easy with NTI’s Backup Now 5 guides you through it step by step with a tool bar on the left of the screen.

1. Select the files you want to backup
2. Select the destination drive for the backup or where you want to restore date to.
3. Select how often you want to backup or how you want to restore your data.

The whole process is pretty easy.

There are many options for each step for example, you can backup hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or later. You can customize the file name for your backup if the default system of naming by date doesn’t suit you. As in most programs there are icons for each step but you can also make the same selections using the menu which guarantees you are selecting the right action. Backup Now5 has reports so you can see what jobs have been done. You can backup to a drive or a CD/DVD. On my attempts the CD/DVD choice took significantly longer. Backup Now 5 is compatible with BlueRay disk which may be faster. Backup Now 5 can compare two files to ensure you have a complete backup. If you are looking for a simple solution to regularly backup your work Backup Now 5 may just fit all of your needs. See NTI’s website for more information on Backup Now 5. There are different versions depending on your needs prices range from $50 for the Standard edition download to $100 for the Advanced edition download.

—Melissa Macatee
Contributing Blogger