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This year designer Christian Lacroix was the artistic director of the Les Rencontres d’Arles Photographie festival which took place from July 7 to the 13.

We owe him a number beautiful moments:
• The extraordinary fashion series by Richard Avedon for the New Yorker in 1995 titled “In Memoriam of Mr. and Mrs. Comfort: A Fable,” one of the most beautiful fashion shoots ever done.
• “Les Insoumises” An exhibition of 30 daguerreotypes of the most important courtesans of the end of the 19th century.
• The history of fashion through pictures, videos, and films: an exhibition assembled by Olivier Saillard.
• Stefanie Schneider, Pieter Hugo, Ethan Levitas, Jane Evelyn Atwood, Jeffrey Silverthorne, Vanessa Winship and the rediscovery of the work of Jerry Schatzberg.
• An exhibition titled “Lettres d’Amour (love letters),” pictures and videos of Patrick Swirc dedicated to the women who recently left him. On a side note: they met again at the exhibition but left each on their own.
• A nice exhibition of still life of the French Vogue with the rediscovery of a photographer of amazing talent and completely forgotten since 1980: Daniel Jouanneau.
• A beautiful projection of fashion images from Francoise Huguier.
• And as the closer, an ensemble of the images of the invasion of Prague in 1968 from Josef Koudelka, a great moment of happiness, emotion, and photographic intensity.