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Jordi Planas shot this photo with a Canon Digital IXUS 65 with an exposure of 1/1000 sec at f/4.9. This silhouette is too dark and muddy to make out anything except the tops of the trees. Check out our big How To Story in our June issue for tips on shooting good silhouettes. Some of the tips include making sure the photo is full of color, shoot an object with an interest shape or outline, the background must be brighter than the subject, and exposure is the key. You should expose by taking a spot meter of the brightest area and opening up one stop. You can add more exposure if needed. Try these tips and you will end up with a more interesting silhouette.

__—Linzee Karasik
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The PopPhoto Flash rating system.
*= This part of the camera is called the lens
**= Don't quit your day job
***= Good, but not yet great
****=So close you can taste it
*****= Yes, a thousand times yes!

Want us to critique your shots? Send 'em to us!