Where to Go and What to See

(Photo: © Sage Sohier)

I'm starting to work on this year's annual Emerging Talent issue, so it makes me smile to see that several of our former emerging talents have gallery shows this week. Jehad Nga and Alexandra Catiere, who were both featured in last year's issue, are going up on Thursday in NYC at Bonni Benrubi and Splashlight, respectively. Sarah Wilmer, who is also a rising talent and who I have featured in Pop Photo College Edition, has a show up through July 5 at Randall Scott Gallery in D.C. Finally, a very talented (thought not so emerging) photographer with whom I was not previously acquainted, Sage Sohier, has a show going up Thursday at Foley Gallery in NYC. I started looking at her recent work and couldn't stop myself until I'd seen every photo on the site. Don't you love it when that happens?

~Miki Johnson

(Photo: "Diorama, Fisher Museum, Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA, 2004," © Sage Sohier)

Follow the link below for details on these and many more photography events around the world.