Photography Hall of Shame New Inductee

The family of this boy confronted the cops, who sided with them. The Village Voice reported that the cop told Lund that,

As the battle of photographer vs. NYPD rages on, this latest Hall of Shame (dis)honoree, an unidentified New York City police officer, forced photographer Simon Lund to do the unthinkable… give up his film.
According to a report from
, Simon Lund, a commercial photographer, has a habit of hitting Coney Island every summer to expand his personal portfolio.

He has never run into any trouble until Memorial Day weekend this year, when he was approached by a woman while shooting. The woman accused him of taking pictures of her son, which he said he was unaware of. Lund knew that even if her were taking pictures of her son, it was perfectly legal if the photos were for personal use.

The family of this boy confronted the cops, who sided with them. The Village Voice reported that the cop told Lund that, "You should destroy your film right now, or give it to her. You've got to give up your film, or things are going to get much worse for you."

Lund was then arrested. The matter in question is… what did Lund do that was illegal? Lund chose to give the woman his film rather than run the risk of going to jail. He reportedly asked her remove any pictures of her son, and return the rest of the photographs to him.

The Village Voice reported that “Lund was intimidated by a cop into giving up his film, even though he was doing nothing wrong and wasn't formally accused of anything.”

According to Chris Dunn, the New York Civil Liberties Union's associate legal director, "Police officers are not allowed to look at images without consent of the photographer, and they have no authority to order someone to let them look at their picture or confiscate their film. And it happens all the time."
Many speculate that this hostility against photography was perpetuated by the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but this article from The Guardian proves the suspicion is unwarranted, and presents the belief that movies are responsible for this stereotype.

The article points out thirteen specific terrorist incidents in which the attackers, including those behind the 9/11 attacks, the London and Madrid bombers, and all Palestinian suicide bombings, never photographed their "assignment" before hand.
What will it take to end this war on civil liberties? A cease-fire from the NYPD would surely help... Unfortunately, peace negotiations have yet to begin.
—Kaitlin Tambuscio
Editorial Intern

_*Note: Lund was not arrested as originally reported, he was however asked to give up his film, perhaps another reason to make the switch to digital.