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Having returned from a guided press tour of PHotoEspaña 2008 and looking back on its ambitious brew, it’s even more clear that the work in this festival is all over the place. And that’s mostly a good thing.

You really can’t come away from PHE08 — mostly based in Madrid but also in Cuenca, Spain and Portugal — without a rich photographic experience. Whether you prefer artsy personal projects or historic surveys of photojournalism, you’ll find something within the festival’s 69 exhibitions. But the diversity can be dizzying. Utilizing the theme of “Place,” the organizers seem to have stretched the notion to include any work shot in a place — that is, any work at all. (Case in point, artist Roni Horn‘s enigmatic studies of the backs of bird heads, above, shot in Iceland, and part of her show at Madrid’s Círculo de Bellas Artes.)