To: POP Editor

I was amused at the comments of Anthony Hayes in your letters section of the
June 2008 issue.

He writes “When we shot film, I don’t remember adjusting our cameras to
RAW.” The negative was the RAW file…duh! And we either processed it
ourselves (as in Photoshop) or sent it out for processing (as in letting the
camera convert it to a jpeg).

I have no issue with anyone shooting jpegs – if they want to throw away 2/3
of the information their camera can capture, go for it! But those of us who
take the time to shoot RAW and process our own files (and not let the camera
do it for us) do not appreciate being called cheaters. He is right about
one thing, it is important to get your settings right the first time
whichever file format you save it in.

I also checked out his website which is well done but is nothing more than a
political commentary (by the way I support the same candidate that Mr. Hayes
does). I’m surprised that Pop Photo didn’t check this out before posting it
in the magazine.

-Joe Todd