Where to Go and What to See

(Photo: © Richard Ross)

I'm inclined to call this the week of the conceptual photo project. Check it out: At Gallery 138 in New York City, Accra Shepp examines everyone's favorite poisonous plant, tobacco, by printing portraits of tobacco farmers on the actual leaves that they grow; Richard Ross's Architecture of Authority project (at Aperture Gallery in NYC) examines rooms that are complicit in the exertion of power over the people inside them; and Lana Z. Caplan's Sites of Public Execution are photographs of, well, I think you might have guessed already (at the Photographic Resource Center in Boston). As these photographers undoubtedly realize, sometime the things that are not shown are the scariest of all.

~Miki Johnson

(Photo: "Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey," © Richard Ross)

Follow the link below for details on these and many more photo events around the country.