With Artificial Lighting:

• Use Presets with Fine-Tuning. If Auto White Balance doesn’t give good results, try using different presets, or fine-tuning the WB in the right direction.
•** Custom WB.** If you are close to your subject, you can easily set custom WB. If you are far away, try using a lens with a longer focal length to isolate a neutral area in the distant scene as a custom WB sample.

With Mixed Lighting:

Remove Secondary Sources. Try closing blinds or curtains or changing position and shooting from another direction.
Set WB for Dominant Source.
Set WB to Average. If the lighting from the different source is even, you can set WB to average the effects of the combined lighting.
Use Flash. If your flash is strong enough, you can use it to overpower artificial lighting.
Adapted from 40 Digital SLR Techniques by Darrell Tan (youngjin, 2006, $17)_