David Hobby, friend of PopPhoto Flash and the man behind the lighting site, has created an amazing DVD set explaining all of his lighting techniques. The DVD set, will show you how to improve your photographs with small speed lights, using real life examples. It’s officially available through MidWest Photo ($139, direct plus shipping).

The appeal of Hobby’s style is his down to earth approach; he gives viewers the opportunity to learn from his experiences, and includes his trial and error process. The videos consist of real life situations, including photographing on location, the problems that arise and how he solves them. The first disk is a basic explanation of the different lighting gear, disks two though five are excerpts from lighting seminars David Hobby as done around the world in the last year, and disks six through eight are from his shoots. For more examples and information on the Strobist Lighting DVD box set see
—Melissa Macatee
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