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Of all the photographs to come out of China after the major earthquake that hit the country on May 12, the one above has stuck with me more than any other. The man on the motorcycle has his dead wife strapped to him; he is taking her from the town of Hanwang to his village, where he will bury her. I saw the photo first in Germany’s Stern magazine, where it was credited to photographer Colin Galloway, a photographer based in Hong Kong. American Photo’s intrepid intern Mary Goodwin also found the image online credited to Qilai Shen. Perhaps someone can verify who actually took the picture.
Another amazing image appeared on the front page of yesterday’s New York Times (below). It shows Jiang Guohua, Communist Party boss of Mianzhu, kneeling to ask parents of earthquake victims to stop protesting shoddy construction. (Photo by Shiho Fukada.) Perhaps some American executives of FEMA should have done this after Hurricane Katrina.—David Schonauer