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Photo of Pascal Dangin by Josef Astor from The New Yorker

The ethics of digital retouching, especially when it comes to celebrities is always a sticky subject (We’ve even covered it a few times in the past).

But whether or not images of impossibly perfect women benefit society or not, there certainly is a demand for them. Pascal Dangin has perfected the art of making women look perfect, and he’s making a mint doing so. Advertisers, magazines, and even celebrities themselves call on his expertise to smooth winkles, erase zits, and plump breasts, as well as make much more subtle adjustments.

But it’s not just his technical ability that has gotten him so far; it’s his photographer’s eye, and ability to see the untapped potential in images.

To read more about Dangin and how he works his magic, check out the full article in this week’s New Yorker magazine here.
—Kathleen Davis
Assistant Editor