To: POP Editor
Subject: Sony A350 Review

In the Sony A350 Review (May 2008, page 74), I note your listing in “What’s Not”, the fact that the LCD doesn’t swivel against body for protection. I concur. To make matters worse, Sony does not have any accessory to protect the LCD screen from damage. Even though Sony’s “Accessories” catalog, at pages 9 and 18 list an LCD Protect Sheet, Part # PCK-LS3AM, as available for both the A350 and the externally identical A300, Sony has advised me that they do not intend to make the part available to consumers in the US. This same part is listed as available on the “Lens and Accessory Compatibility Chart” on Sony’s US website. Nevertheless, Sony marketing has decided not to release the PCKlS3AM in the US market.

This is a serious defect. The swivel nature of the LCD on the A350 and A300 make it, even when flat against the body, extend out from the body more than would otherwise be the case. As such, it is more vulnerable to damage and definitely needs additional protection. Sony offers LCD protection for the A200 and the A700. Why not for the A300 and A350? Hopefully, the aftermarket will come up with something.

Unless one has a compelling need for Live View and the swivel LCD, I would suggest buyers avoid the A300 and A350 and opt instead for the A200.

Ralph Angulo
Port Angeles, WA