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This week I’m posting from Jackson, Wyoming, secret home of Dick Cheney as well as the site of the Photography at the Summit Workshop. The spring Summit workshop, organized by the renowned Rich Clarkson, focuses on digital photography. (Clarkson also has workshops on sports and adventure photography: go here for information.)
In addition, the International League of Conservation Photographers held its annual meeting in Jackson, just prior to the workshop. That means many of the world’s best nature photographers are on hand. The ILCP sponsored what it calls a RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition) in which the organization’s members and several workshop students document development around Yellowstone National Park.
Every day students at the workshop go shooting in around around this ski-resort town, photographing the ample wildlife and theTeton mountain range. Their work is then analyzed at a critique with faculty members, which includes Bill Allen. I’ll be selecting a few of my favorite images to spotlight on my daily posts.
Today’s pictures come from Johnny Bivera, of Washington, D.C.,who got a successful closeup of a horse (top). Michael Browna of Sinking Spring, PA shot a pastel house in shadows at the foot of the Teton range (above). Meanwhile, Chris Linder of Seattle, WA shot roadkill as part of his contribution to the RAVE event–a striking example of the rough intersection of man and wildlife in the West (bottom).–David Schonauer