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This photo submitted by Warren LaFever has potential, but is way too dark. It was shot with an Olympus Evolt E-500 at f/2 with a shutter speed of 1/100 and ISO 400. You could fix this photo with editing software by lightening the mid-tones and shadows or next time try shooting with a higher ISO or slower shutter speed. People can generally slow down to 1/60 of a second, hand holding the camera without any shake. Try that or an even slower shutter speed with a tripod. Even flash might work in such a dark setting.
__—Linzee Karasik
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The PopPhoto Flash rating system.
*= This part of the camera is called the lens
**= Don't quit your day job
***= Good, but not yet great
****=So close you can taste it
*****= Yes, a thousand times yes!

Want us to critique your shots? Send 'em to us!