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If you sell stuff on Ebay, you know how hard it is to get a reliable shot of your product, especially if it’s a small item. Many times a good shot of your item can be the difference between profit and loss. Setting up a shooting table just to sell an old cell phone, iPod or point-and-shoot camera can be troublesome, so instead, try using something much of us have built in to our printers: a scanner.
A flatbed scanner with an object placed face-down on the glass can substitute for a web shot setup, giving you a glare free, evenly lit and crisp shot of your product to pop into your auction in no time. It doesn’t work as well for round objects, but anything with a flat surface should work just fine. The image to the left was made with my scanner in about 60 seconds, much quicker than I could get my shooting table and lights set up!
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—Matthew Panzarino
Contributing Blogger