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The May edition of Paris Vogue features some very, very interesting images of actress Julianne Moore, shot by Mario Testino. Oh, the fashion blogs have been buzzing with opinions. Some people loved it. Others…more on that later.
Moore has graced the covers of dozens of magazines–there is something about her alabaster skin, red hair, and ability to freeze a glacial expression that photographers and editors love. Her cool elevates what would be a fashion picture into something kinda artistic. (Helmut Newton could do it with just about any woman, but he really could do it with Sigourney Weaver.)
Some bloggers really resented the crotch-on-the-cover thing. Lewd? With Moore’s presence, I think the crotch was unnecessary. The inside shot of her in a sheer top is neither lewd nor unnecessary–it’s brilliant.
Several of the blogs I read seemed most upset with the fact that Moore is posing for shots like this at age 47. That’s ridiculous. Sexy is sexy, and sometimes 47 is sexiest.
The important thing here is to note that this is Paris Vogue, and it fits perfectly into the culture and tradition of that magazine. Your opinion?
Age aside, Moore looks a lot better than Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover of the May American Vogue. She’s been Photoshopped into something unrecognizable.–David Schonauer