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An interview with photographer Richard Baresall

“As a photographer, the high point of my work is the element of surprise—I live for my subject’s candid expression, and that rush I get when I shoot at the decisive moment.”

For 43-year-old Richard Baresall, photography is a hands-on expression of his inner feelings, as he roams the streets of New York City practicing his unique brand of flash photography.

“I photograph women at close range interacting intimately with the camera and photographer,” says the soft-spoken Baresall, choosing his words with the precision of a master committed to his craft.

“The positioning of my equipment is really the toughest part,” he admits.

For this work, an eye-level SLR would put too much distance between Baresall and his subject, and waist-level viewfinder would be too cumbersome.
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Says the part-time eBay merchant who lives and works out of his mother’s house in Queens, “That’s why I fashioned my won camera system out of a compact digital, a trench coat, and lots of duct tape.”

(above: Baresall in action)

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