Dear Editor

Only a technology editor would feel compelled to write a column entitled
“Digital Wins” (March 2007), and in it make such sweeping generalizations as
“film loses it’s last advantage”. And only a tech editor would view the film
or digital choice as a “war” and declare it “over”. How ironic that in the
same issue a featured article shares secrets from two masters, both
shooting – dare I say it – film! And the issue’s Backstory photo was taken
with – you guessed it – film. There are and will always be many reasons to
use film, and contrary to what the author says, image quality, camera
features and cost per photo are still three of those reasons. Even after 30
years, my Nikon EL2 produces awesome image quality and has all the features
I need. Cost per photo is also quite low because I shoot with care rather
than reckless abandon and I don’t have to replace the camera with a new more
technologically-advanced one every two years, as the author recommends DSLR
users consider doing.

Brett Robinson
Salem, OR