Dear PopEd:

Thanks for listing such nice practical ways of making side money from your photos (Three Ways to Make Money from Your Photos, April, 2008). All were great tips, but I noticed there weren’t many details about the first one that was mentioned: microstock photography. For a little over 2 years now, I have been earning a really decent side income apart from my graphic design day job. I am currently a member of 14 microstock photo agencies and hope to eventually make the transition over to full time. Working for myself selling stock greatly appeals to me, as the corporate grind is really starting to stress me out.

I’ve whipped up an informative little website on how photographers and designers can get started in the wonderful world of stock. It’s chock full of tips, tricks, and gives insider secrets on the agencies I have the most sales with: I think a lot of readers might find my website helpful if they are looking to get their feet wet in the “game” of stock photography.


Todd A.
Bristol, CT