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Some news stories beg a photograph for verification. Such is the case with the alligator that strolled into Sandra Frosti’s kitchen in Oldsmar, Florida. Fortunately someone had the presence of mind to snap several pictures of it before it was removed (our favorite shot is at left).

“I was in my bedroom and I heard a noise. And I walked in and he was in the kitchen,” Frosti told ABC News. “How about that? But I’m not a screamer, so I just went ‘Oh my God’ and I ran to the telephone.”

After reading this, what I’d really like to see is a picture of the unflappable, 69-year-old Frosti. But all Google Image searches of her name lead back to photos of the interloping gator. However, Frosti’s voice has been immortalized in a clip of her 911 call about the gator’s intrusion that has become a big internet hit.

During the call, the dispatcher asks Frosti if the animal might be an iguana. “Oh-no, no, no, no, no,” Frosti answered matter-of-factly. “It’s huge.” And the photos bear her out.

But on a much sadder note in the Animals Gone Wild department, the grizzly bear that appeared in the Will Ferrell film “Semi-Pro” reportedly lashed out and killed one of his trainers yesterday. Of course, this story also begs a photo — one of the bear’s publicity stills is at right. — Jack Crager