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The above line is from an anonymous reader who posted it — after the words “Save a tree” — as a comment to an interesting piece about the future of magazines. The story was in the New York Observer but you can read it here. (Save a tree, get your pink paper online.)

Among the magazine insiders commenting on the future of print media are Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter (who envisions a new “electronic book” in our future world), Esquire editor David Remnick (who imagines more innovative printing practices), and Wired editor Chris Anderson (who sees magazines staying the same for awhile). Go figure.

Editors at many print magazines (including American Photo) may take comfort in the facts that a) a new medium doesn’t necessarily kill an old one; b) nothing looks better than a picture printed on decent paper; and c) people don’t usually take their computers to the bathroom or curl up in a tub with them.