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Lawmakers in France’s lower house of parliament have passed a law making it illegal to incite “excessive thinness.” The bill still faces a senate vote. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the new law would target websites that explicitly encourage anorexia and offer starvation tips. But the move clearly comes as a response to a controversy in the fashion industry, as the New York Times points out. Since the death of Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston (above) from anorexia in 2006, the fashion industry–and fashion photographers–have been struggling with the conflicting demands of chic style and health. While the primary aim of the bill are the website, one French legislator told the times that the ultimate goal was “to focus on institutions that promote eating disorders.” He was also quoted as saying “we cannot exclude fashion shows if there is a problem of health.” As I’ve posted in the past, I don’t think governments should pass laws over creative issues. But is this a matter of creativity or health. I’m not sure the framers of the French law are sure.–David Schonauer