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There are a few problems with this horse portrait submitted by Jaime Hunt. Firstly, the horse is not sharp. You should always make sure a subject's eyes are in focus. Secondly, the crop is a little tight. A more vertical crop may have been a better choice. Thirdly, the exposure is off. The photo was shot at ISO 400 and a shutter speed of 1/1600. When shooting in bright daylight you should try shooting at the lowest ISO possible to avoid noise in the shadows. I would have liked to see detail in the sky instead of complete white.
__—Linzee Karasik
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The PopPhoto Flash rating system.
*= This part of the camera is called the lens
**= Don't quit your day job
***= Good, but not yet great
****=So close you can taste it
*****= Yes, a thousand times yes!

Want us to critique your shots? Send 'em to us!